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Missouri Family, we got 20 of these today. Reserve your copy for only $15 ($10 reimburses our cost to purchase them, $5 will be sent to Miss Hannah). We hope her music blessed you as much as it blesses. If there is more demand than supply, we can order more copies. 🙂

Parasha 5/29/2021

Beha’alotcha | בהעלותך | “When You Set Up”
Numbers 8:1 – 12:16
Prophets: Book of Ruth; Ezekiel 1:1-28
(add’l prophets reading for personal study: Zechariah 2:14-4:7)
Brit Hadasha: Luke 17:11 – 18:14; John 19:31-37; Acts 2:1-47

Missouri Fellowship News

Baruch HaShem Yahweh (Blessed be the name of Yahweh). We are excited to announce that our buildings have arrived, (2) 12 x 24 metal structures that will be the book end’s to the fellowship hall. Natzarim Yahshua Missouri will have an official fellowship hall, kitchenette, laundry, restroom and shower capabilities. We will be able to offer a place where home school families can came together in a relaxed learning environment. This is all part of the vision that started as planning for the Feast Times, such as Sukkot 2021. A place where people can have the amenities of home while celebrating the feasts. Yah willing, we will get everything to start coming together over the course of the next few weeks. We are blessed beyond what we deserve and so very thankful for the immense blessings we share. We serve the Almighty and this is being done for His glory, His honor and the furthering of His Kingdom.

On the truck
On the ground

It’s time we started acting more like Messiah Yahshua – by Michael Walker (05/14/2021)

Recently some information was shared amongst a group of leaders at a southcentral Missouri conference that I want to point out and share with all of you.

About me, when I came into this walk and answered the call of the Father, I said then that I would be whatever type of vessel He needed me to be to live according to His Word, instruction, Torah, statute and commands. He has shown me great mercy in providing His Son, Yahshua, as the atonement for my sin. For I was of one of the most filthy rags around, that had broken darn near every one of His commands that applied to me. Yahshua has made atonement for me for that. I have seen the Father do very great and powerful things for and to His servants that our obedient, as a matter of fact I just recieved a testimony from a new brother yesterday that sent goose bumps up my skin and a couple others I shared the testimony with. The Almighty is working on gathering His people at this time and we can all agree the end is near. 

From the beginning of my walk, I have earnestly and humbly tried my best to do everything that has been asked and expected of me. Have I been flawless? Absolutely not. I have made my share of mistakes and have humbled myself in front of an assembly to admit my mistakes. The only agenda I am interested in pushing and promoting, in all honesty, is the Father’s who sent His Son Yahshua to lead us to the way.

If I have ever offended any of you, I come before the assembly and seek your forgiveness. My heart and intent is always on that of the Father and Yahshua. I am of the flesh, and like Paul stated, I contend with the flesh every day. Please forgive me if I have cast an offense at you, spoke illy of you and/or your assembly. A message I try and reiterate regularly is that if we cannot say anything nice about anyone, maybe we should say nothing at all. And I have openly stated that bashing on other brothers and sisters within Christianity needed to cease during meetings.

(This is the main point I took from the conference:) People in the walk (Torah Observant, Messianic, Hebrew Roots, Sacred Name, et. al) should not be falling into the trap of speaking ill and/or lashon horrah (gossiping) about other organizations and/or people within the same walk/faith. Yet, it continues even through today as an issue that is very divisive in a time when we need unity most, division is prevalent. (Unity and preparation for what is spiritually and physically headed for us was the reason for the conference.)


Do we agree on every doctrinal point? NO – we are each at a different point in our walk, some further ahead and some just starting out. Does that make us not brothers and sister with these differences? NO. What we should be doing is furthering the Kingdom as Yahshua has commanded us, going forth and preaching the gospel and making disciples as we were made disciples. 

Do we agree on traditions and customs in the scriptures? NO – again, we are all at different points in our walk and these types of differences do not make null and void the brother and sisterhood we share in Messiah. What we should be doing is furthering the Kingdom as Yahshua has commanded us, going forth and preaching the gospel and making disciples as we were made disciples. 

Should we let non salvational issues (the nephelim, flat earth, Paul as an Apostle, et. al)  be a divisive matter among us? HEAVEN FORBID, MAY IT NOT BE SO. we need to drop these non salvational issues and focus on what we are tasked by Messiah to do, we should be furthering the Kingdom as Yahshua has commanded us, going forth and preaching the gospel and making disciples as we were made disciples. 

Are we not all contending of the same faith? Are we all not worshipping the same Almighty Creator (YAH), even if we differ on pronunciation of HaShem? It’s not about whose right and whose wrong, maybe our ego and pride are getting in the way of furthering the Kingdom. Maybe we have become what Yahshua warned us about, stumbling blocks.  

We need to humbly take this to the throne in prayer and fasting. We need to let our pride go and not be so attached to things in this world. This world is temporary, the world we seek is eternal.  If you cannot say anything nice, then say nothing at all. Let your actions speak louder than your words. Turn your cheek and offer the other one, just as Yahshua has commanded us. Walk 2 miles with people that require you to walk one with them. 

We are to pray for our enemies. What more should we be doing as brothers and sisters?  Please let the love of Yah and Yahshua shine through, as we are to be a light to the nations. Please take this into consideration in moving forward in your walk. Shalom and blessings in Messiah Yahshua.

Shabbat Service 5/15/2021

Shalom, Shabbat services for 5/15/2021 in Southcentral Missouri will be starting at 10:30. We welcome all the brothers and sisters in the faith as we gather for the weekly appointment with our Almighty. Come and join us, it will be a blessing to spend the day with all who can make it. RSVP to Michael Walker, if you and your family are able to make it. We will be having an oneg (potluck) lunch, bring a Biblically clean dish and join in on the feast. Love and blessings in Messiah Yahshua