Michael McLeod (Arizona)

Michael McLeod is a local of the Southwestern United States, having lived in Arizona and Southern California throughout his life. Over the years of his growing up and starting a family, he came to the realization that Yahweh was calling him out of Churchianity and into a closer walk with Himself.

Since the time that he was called into the Torah Observant lifestyle, he has opened his heart and home to many believers in Messiah, searching for fellowship and the construction of a strong community of like-minded brothers and sisters.

He is the husband of a beautiful wife, Adrienne, and the father of seven: Isaiah, Josiah, Ezekiel, Carenza, Jared, Lucas, and Nathan. The family also owns two dogs, four cats, and many fish.

Michael is the Arizona point of contact for Natzarim Yahshua.